21 May, 2008


It now has been exactly two weeks since I was examined by a psych. chosen by the Social Security Administration. Someone I know, who succeeded in getting disability benefits, said he received his decision within a month. Perhaps I will get mine within two weeks.

Now would be a good time to have patience, which I've always sorely lacked...

But, on the bright side of the I-Can't-Eat-anything-With-Yeast-In-It-Anymore situation, I've been so preoccupied with watching my diet and its effects (minimal: It's easier for me to wake up now, but still very hard for me to stay awake, even with 40mg Ritalin and all the green tea (which has caffeine) I'm drinking... Green tea being my sub for coffee, the latter of which I'm also allergic to... It's a good thing I've always liked green tea) that I haven't had much time to think about the forthcoming decision from Social Security. Also, I've lost seven pounds in one week. Perhaps because my diet, now, is a hell of a lot like what people in the first two weeks of the Atkins program are supposed to eat.

...Waiting is boring. So is this post. How fitting...

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LifeTrek said...

I can't honestly remember how long it took between my psych exam and decision. I know I had a SSD Doctor's exam and a month later they sent me a letter saying I had to see psych. But I do recall as the Psych Doc took me to the elevator he said something very curious, "I'll see you in three years then."

When I got home I started reading online and discovered that many Chronic Fatigue disability recipients benefits are reviewed every three years for continued medical necessity.

I was like -- Yippie, I'm so screwed up that the Doc decided before I even got on the elevator -- Oh CRAP -- I'm so screwed up that the Doc decided before I even got on the elevator.

DBM said...


It's so incredibly strange to actually HOPE you are found to be disabled... But it's the best thing that can be done for you, since you can't get a job and, so, money, and the SSA is the only source you can derive an (paltry) income from.

Re one of your last posts: If you're driving the bus to hell because you're gay, a lot of my friends are going to be trying to wrestle the wheel away from you.

...And that bus will be full of some well-dressed bastards! (This stereotype -- at least a "good" one! -- I've found to apply to 90 percent of gay guys I know.) ...I was taught how to dress well from my best friend... Until we got to know each other and I came to depend on him whenever I went shopping I had NO clue!

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