24 July, 2008


My lawyer called me today to let me know I have "won" (seems like a poor term to describe the situation... But that's how she put it) my Social Security Disability claim.

Which means I will be getting back-pay for the year of my life I've wasted (fifteen months if you're counting) waiting for this decision, and a monthly income of... Well, since I can't make any money myself, at least it's something.

More to come blogfriends, at long last! (But you have to wait longer because I'm too happy to write today!)

Finally I can breathe... The terror ebbs.

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LifeTrek said...


Calvin said...

Thanks -- I've always appreciated your help and support!

All the best man!

Lazlo said...

Congrats. My claim's been pending for over 3 years now. Hearing that some people get approved gives me hope to keep pushing.

Calvin said...

lazlo -- Wow. I suddenly feel lucky that my case was processed in "only" a year-and-a-half.

Hang in there, and all the best.

I should note something that likely helped my case go through relatively quickly (relative to the motion of a two-toed sloth), and will do so in my next post.

All the best, and good luck hanging in!

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