26 October, 2009

Spanish-speaking Clown Cowboys Electrocuting A Guy for Fun and (Very Little) Money!

I was flipping through television channels and came upon the Spanish Channel.

The show's MCs were dressed in clown-ish makeup and wore cowboy-kinda clothes. They also had fake hair that came from their ten gallon hats that looked like red yarn -- Raggedy Ann and Andy-style.

And that wasn't the weirdest part.

The two MCs egged on a person who picked numbers on a board. The numbers were taken away, and behind them was either a lightning bolt or a dollar amount.

Now's probably the time to talk about the person's (likely) family member, who was strapped into a chair and holding two e-meter thingies in his hands, but wasn't auditing for Scientology... Or maybe he was -- I don't know exactly how Scientology goes.

If the person picking the numbers revealed a lightning bolt, the guy got the juice. If the person got the money... Well, the person got the money.

Eventually, the guy strapped into the chair couldn't take one of his zappings, and let go of his e-meter.

All for $350.

That's Entertainment!

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