26 October, 2009

'Straight From the Bog.' (C) Ocean Spray

Ohhhh-kaaay. That's the slogan they're going with?

This is what a bog is, according to dictionary.net: "A quagmire filled with decayed moss and other vegetable matter; wet spongy ground where a heavy body is apt to sink; a marsh; a morass."

I can't even think of a worse slogan for Ocean Spray to have. Maybe "Ocean Spray: Mostly Toilet Water"?

...Yeesh. Maybe they ought to reconsider their advertising firm. Who the hell wants something that's fresh from landfill juice?

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Anonymous said...

Cranberries are actually grown in bogs which are filled with pure water. They have air pockets inside of them, so they float when shaken from the branches by a mechanized rake machine. It's an extremely clean way of harvesting the fruit, and it's happening all across America right now. You should check it out - Ocean Spray is promoting their growers and the cranberry farming heritage right now, and believe me, it has nothing to do with toilet water!

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