25 March, 2008


I'll never talk to X again (or write her). This, after the e-mails I've previously posted, and then a phone call that was the most uncomfortable discussion in all of human history. (Slight exaggeration...)

I tried to be nice, but both X and I seemed to realize "there's nothing to save."

Neither of us will ever care or ever wonder what happens to the other for the rest of our days... I'm not sure exactly how much I can write about someone and be protected legally, so all I will write is that I went to high school with X, and the person she was then is not at all who she is now. The complete opposite, actually, and so into herself and the capitalist dream that I can't stand it anymore.

And there's the whole being-completely-misunderstood-by-her because she apparently didn't/doesn't care enough about me to Google "fibromyalgia" even once.

So that's that.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead seems quite appropriate here:

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