31 March, 2008


All I've done for the past 48 hours is sleep and read Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis. Which is saying something, since reading puts me out like a light now. In college I could read four books at a time in the same week... Now I read fifty pages and lapse into a nap.

So I would read some of Lunar Park, wake up after realizing I had been asleep -- usually tipped off by the fact I was staring at the ceiling, my neck crooked over the top of the armchair I was sitting in and amid a nightmare about one of the stuffed animals I had as a child -- then immediately begin reading from the point at which I began sleeping.

And last night, even when I knew I was going to be down for a few hours, I crawled into bed but couldn't turn out the light. Both because I was compelled to keep reading, and because the novel was scaring the shit out of me.

The above simply translates to what I've already written in the title: Read Lunar Park!

PS: Though the ending is a little -- well, find out yourself (not being mean, you'll be glad you did) -- B.E. Ellis deserves insane praise for his amazingly well done matador-plunge between the shoulder bones of the memoir craze.

All is fiction.

"Memoir" should not have a shelf in bookstores or libraries. Neither should "nonfiction."

Ellis killed memoir. He killed nonfiction (for the too-many who somehow think there is such a thing). He kills (auto- and) biography, too: All the picture-painting turns of phrase we love from "nonfiction" are complete fabrications -- made up: fiction. Everything that makes "nonfiction" worth reading is the fiction in it.

Ellis is a killer, a murderer.

But he can rest easy that he is not akin to Patrick Bateman. Ellis kills out of mercy. He murders what never should have been allowed to live. ...What never really did (I could reference Lunar Park but think I hit something here and hope you will find out for yourself).

And he's done so with the master-stroke of Lunar Park.

This book received some bad press. Likely because Ellis killed modern-day gods. He slaughtered sections of bookstores and libraries -- dragged every single book in them out by their throats and slashed them.

Slaying hundreds of best-sellers is not a way to get one's book good reviews. Not by the fuckers who created memoir-hunger in the first place.

Now memoir never was. Ellis killed bullshit writing so that bullshit writing may prevail, billed as such.

Now the truth... The lies... The fiction... Can continue without hindrance.

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