22 January, 2008


The following is what I wrote in response to another blogger's post that referred readers to a book that boasted a "natural cure" for fibromyalgia. Goddam it I cannot fucking
stand books that claim they have the cure.

Um... usually we know what causes something before we know how to fix it. And to date we do not know what causes fibro.

And, regardless, we simply do not have a cure for fibro!

Anyway, enjoy the below. With any luck I've pissed off more than a few people with it.:

I just scanned the site you pointed people to, and it looks like a total croc.

By definition, fibromyalgia has no cure. It's lifelong, debilitating, and INcurable. So there certainly is no "natural cure" for it.

I'm sick of books saying they have cures for fibro. It gives people false hope, when they should be bugging the crap out of their doctors for effective treatments to MANAGE their pain.

My doctor does trigger-point injections (and my head is so much better), 300 of Lyrica, .5 of Mirapex for my jimmy legs (aka RLS), 4 mg Klonopin for anxiety and muscle spasms, working up to 60 mg Cymbalta for depression and possible pain relief, 40 mg Prozac for same, and steroid and pain-relieving intramuscular injections whenever I see him (daily to every other day).

So, you see, fibro is complex, and requires complex treatment.

And if your fibro can or has been cured, baby, you didn't freaking have it and you're harming those of us who really do. You're the people with relatively minor aches and pains that call what you have fibro, then find a cure in a book.

If you have been cured, and genuinely had fibro, you must have found the fountain of youth. I'm sure it wasn't in Florida, as many have thought it would be, since that's where Americans go to die...

Please tell the rest of us where it is!

[Pain: 5/10, head. Today my doctor and I made the breakthrough that my temporomandibular joints are causing the lion's share of my head pain. He only injected the right TMJ -- or, rather, the knotted muscle surrounding it -- because I already had had my 24 hours' worth of marcaine injected into my shoulders' trigger points. So he used lidocaine and depo-medrol on the right side of my face and my jaw relaxed and my headache (mostly) dissipated like London fog on a hot afternoon.

I'm going in tomorrow, too. My doc is injecting both sides, and I could not be more excited to get stabbed in the face repeatedly. It is going to be the best thing to happen to me in years. How fucking odd!

But it is going to be just fucking fantastic...

Pain, body: 8/10.

Anxiety: 7/10. (The shots helped my anxiety, too! And made my dick bigger!)]


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LifeTrek said...

Hey, I'm glad the shots helped and thanks for commenting back to me on the other post. Just remember to keep it in perspective - getting SSDI is a long process designed to get rid of fraud but that is what it is there for. The sad thing is you have to work so hard to get it when you really can't do it alone! Thank goodness you have your parents!

I soo agree with your comments about, "instant cures." I was diagnosed with CFS 20 years ago, ... I think it was October! That was after 5 years of going from doctor to doctor. The first few years I heard about the "cures". And still do every now and then, I just ignore them!

Natural cures have never worked, I only take prescribed supplements now. Over the past 3 years since my total disability I have become very intolerant of many herbs so most things are just a no no for me. I am okay with most meds but have to start with a low dose -- although those issues are less with the cortisone (that is my 70 pounds!). A couple of times I tried to stop all meds and restart with only what was essential because I just felt overloaded and ended up back on almost all of them.

But your point about having real FM versus something a "natural cure" works on is right on target! I have actually experienced those, "you have chronic fatigue, well I get really tired too," assholes!
They have no idea what tired is or what CFS includes.

I haven't found anything effective for the headaches, mine were very sporadic until recently -- now they are the, "I really wish my head would explode and I would stop puking," type.

Glad to hear your better today, hope it lasts a few days for you.

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