30 January, 2008



swallowed, morning
-2mg Klonopin
-300mg Lyrica
-40mg Prozac
-18.7mg Effexor
-50mg Topamax

At the doctor's office!:
anti-emitic cocktail (no alcohol. How can something be called a cocktail if there is no booze in it? Especially if it tastes like charcoal, then leaves your tongue, mouth and throat numb?)

dissolved on tongue, swished around mouth and then swallowed
Maxalt, unknown dosage
Maxalt, unknown dosage (second time, charm -- headache mostly gone -- 4/10)

injected, trigger points
-back, right side spine, marcaine
-back, left side spine, marcaine

injected, intramuscularly
-depo-medrol, right "hip" (ass-cheek)

swallowed, mid-day
-2mg Klonopin

going to be swallowed, night
-.5mg Mirapex
-18.7mg Effexor
-50mg Topamax

(I'm sure I'm leaving something out... I just don't feel up to checking my night-time med-sched. [sorry for the rhyme.] It's been a long day... Blowing snow, ice everywhere,... Driving -- being driven about 100 miles from clinic to shrink to psychologist... I hate Wednesdays... But I love my psychologist. He has a bumper sticker on his Jeep: "When the going gets weird the weird turn pro." HST)

[Pain: I have that.

Anxiety: I have that too.]

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