01 February, 2008


I was indeed prescribed Abilify because of my flat affect. (Which was due to me hating the good doctor like I hate pineapple on pizza and knowing he wasn't going to do anything good on my behalf no matter what I did.)

Turns out the stuff recently won FDA approval to be prescribed for major depression.

Which I wouldn't have -- strike that. Which I don't believe I have. I don't think I have depression at all, in fact. I think I'm responding as a normal person would when their life has been crushed and their every waking hour is agony. It doesn't get me down, it pisses me off, and it pisses me off when people stand in my way as I try to get out of pain and/or anxiety.

And my former -- as of Wednesday -- shrink (I call him Dr. Douchebag. And none of his names begins with "d." That's how rotten a douchebag he is) was in my way. Not writing enough Klonopin, the only thing that curbs my anxiety. Perhaps also deaf and without the ability to read lips... I never really tested that one.

But Abilify is also FDA-certified-guaranteed-fresh by the FDA for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. And from what I've read this stuff should be one wacky side-effect ride.

I'll try anything for about a week... Let's see where this rabbit hole takes us.

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