13 February, 2008



Today I found out that the psychologist I saw last week, who talked a good game about advocating for me to Dr 9 this week "hasn't finished his report yet." Dr 9 is about to go on two weeks' vacation, and the psych's receptionist, when told this, said they would try to get Dr 9 the report before Dr 9 leaves, but cannot make any promises.

I feel a bit like the guy above must have felt. Except that... hum. I was about to give a detail maybe I shouldn't. Anyway, the guy above was lashing out at I can't imagine what.

...The point being that we're both angry.

(This post would have been a lot better if I could have let myself include some background for the photo...)

I see Dr 9 tomorrow and will emerge from my appt. with a script for painkillers from the back offices or not at all. I'm prepared to stage a sit-in.

For now, tired, too anxious about tomorrow and entire situation to write more.

Tomorrow I plan to come home with my shield or on it...

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