02 February, 2008


...And it isn't even a list.

Today I took the usual stuff, plus two 10mg Maxalt this morning, plus four Vicodin spaced throughout the day.

There you have it.

Thursday I took one Abilify and that's enough. I was groggy and lethargic almost all yesterday... There was no fun involved. Which makes it not worth taking. That, and it was prescribed by a doc I wouldn't trust to be right about the current weather, let alone how to treat any given psychiatric disorder I have, let alone with an antipsychotic.

[Pain: 5/10. Tolerable, for me (wuss). Could I walk more than five blocks? No. Could I lift more than 10 pounds? No. And not strictly because I'm a pussy... One person's "tolerable" and all that...

Anxiety: 6.5/10. Not bad for me, but you'd be on your way to an ER, thinking you were having a heart attack. Wuss. (Said with affection. I wish I was like you...)]

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