06 February, 2008


Since doctors are loathe to prescribe narcotic medications to fibromyalgians, I'd like to know if anyone gets theirs from overseas, or from Canada, Mexico, American Samoa, so forth through the mail.

As followers of this blog (all the best to you, you beautiful bastards) know, I believe the treatment for fibro should be simple: trigger-point injections performed by a very skilled and knowledgeable doctor, plus continuous opioid analgesic therapy. That's it.

I came to the last deduction (that COAT should be about 50 percent of the treatment) by reasoning that pain should be treated with painkillers (see "I HATE THE WORLD SLIGHTLY LESS!").

Did I just blow your mind? If so, you must be a doctor.

If someone theoretically knows a theoretical Web site that theoretically may be super-reliable and hopefully super-cheap and hopefully has a good supply of oxycodone in various (theoretical) permutations, please post it in Comments. Why oxycodone? Because it's, theoretically, the best pain reliever for at least one person's fibro pain.

So, for the good of all, please write about any theoretical research you've done or theoretical experience you've theoretically had. This could be done both anonymously and theoretically. But for the comment to actually appear, I suppose the comment itself would have to be more than theoretical. Theoretically.

Theoretical love and kittens to all of you

PS: I can't do any theoretical research myself because I have (unfortunately, not theoretically at all) spent every one of my pennies waiting for the Social Security Administration to act on my disability claim. (I leech off my parents, who wouldn't pay for any of these theoretical mailings. Which is strange... I would finally stop being such an asshole, completely theoretically, if my fibro was treated adequately...)

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